ETV’s member companies have the financial and technical resources to make a positive impact on energy start-ups. The value of the three companies (GE, NRG Energy, and ConocoPhillips) together is greater than what any one company can do individually by providing what emerging technology companies need. These resources include:

  • Capital and investor expertise
  • Hands-on, real world, comprehensive energy industry experience
  • Additional development and commercialization collaboration expertise
  • Ability to help companies reach scale


Each ETV member company also has specific strengths and additional resources to draw upon:


  • Global technical and operational expertise in Oil & Gas exploration, production, gas processing, pipelines, refining, downstream marketing and distribution
  • Ability to test, demonstrate and commercialize new technologies


  • Commercial and operational capabilities in wholesale power generation, project development
    and retail supply
  • Ability to test, demonstrate and commercialize new technologies


  • Established investment platform (team, network and portfolio)
  • World class R&D capability
  • Engineering and manufacturing capabilities as an equipment supplier
  • Access to market channels


ETV targets conventional and clean energy sectors: