ETV brings more than money to its investments by providing a wide-range of services, expertise and technical know-how beyond just critical financing needs. This approach allows ETV to truly partner with its portfolio companies and ensures long-term success for all parties involved.

ETV’s objective is to invest in technology based, energy-related companies with strong financial returns and potential collaboration benefits.

  • $300 million commitment invested over the next four years
    • Annual investment target of $60 to $70 million
  • Targeted portfolio of 30 venture and growth stage companies
  • Primarily North America, Europe and Israel
  • Preference is to co-invest with other top tier investors
  • Target investment sectors with large markets
    • Clean energy or “green” technology including renewable power and fuels, carbon sequestration and management, waste processing and management, waste to energy technology and water infrastructure technology
    • Energy efficiency technologies including smart grid, energy storage, lighting, waste heat, transport, distributed generation, advanced materials, and other commercial and industrial energy efficiency applications
    • Enhanced traditional technology in sub-sectors such as oil and gas, coal and nuclear energy
  • Seek companies with technical and commercial collaboration opportunities
  • Minority investments, typically less than 20%